Synonymous with Winemaking History and Recognized as D.O. Since 2018

D.O. Apalta

Apalta is a sub-region of the Colchagua Valley in the O’Higgins Region of Chile.

This unique, exclusive appellation gained Denomination of Origin (D.O.) status in 2018. It is the source of some of Chile’s most internationally renowned and award-winning wines. Only seven wineries have the privilege of owning their own vineyards in this wonderful place.
Apalta is a small, horseshoe-shaped valley with a unique mesoclimate because it is protected to the north, east and west by hills that are up to 600 meters (1,968 feet) high.

Winds blow in from the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal and Andes Mountain Ranges. The Tinguiririca River forms the southern boundary, regulating the temperatures and providing irrigation water. In summer, the temperatures range between 12°C and 35°C (53.6°F-95°F).

The Neyen de Apalta estate is located in the easternmost part of the appellation. The type of soil varies. In the higher part of the vineyard, the soil comprises a mixture of granitic, volcanic and stony material.

Meanwhile in the valley floor lie the old alluvial terraces of the Tinguiririca River with clay and sandy soils that provide natural drainage and are rich in organic matter.

Our centennial vineyards have a system of deep roots and need minimal intervention. Year after year, they provide exceptional grapes and provide unique testimony of how the vines have adapted to this singular terroir.

All these factors combine to explain what makes Apalta so unique; a place recognized as an exceptional appellation for growing some of the most outstanding Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec wines in Chile and around the world.

D. O. Apalta


A privileged location protected by nature, where the Andes and Coastal Mountain Ranges join to create an impressive crescent of mountains.

In our quest to best express the Neyen de Apalta terroir, we have applied regenerative organic and biodynamic agricultural techniques, resulting in living soils and pure, genuine fruit. We work in synchrony with the rich biodiversity of our property, helping to maintain a balanced ecosystem.


Our soils are highly diverse. In the highest part of the estate, the slopes counterpose one another - one providing granitic soils and the other rocky and volcanic soils.

The valley floor has all the influence of the old alluvial terraces of the Tinguiririca River, providing clay and sandy soils that allow natural drainage and are rich in organic material.

The vines’ age and the depth of their roots mean that they require minimal intervention. This is complemented by the perfect weather conditions, creating an ideal ecosystem for the grapes to ripen slowly, developing unique, authentic character, year after year. The resulting wines are elegant, well-balanced and deliver a clear sense of origin.


We are the pioneering regenerative organic and biodynamic winery of Apalta; the birthplace of genuine wines from a unique terroir, made with minimal intervention. The vines date back to 1889 and are the soul of some of Chile’s best-known wines.

Neyen de Apalta is a contemporary winery that respects our heritage, roots and the traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Since it was founded, Neyen de Apalta has come to represent the way in which the people, place and vines – rooting deeply over many decades – have established direct communication with the soil, giving birth to grapes that are a faithful reflection of the place.

Our centennial wine cellar - the oldest in Apalta - is made from adobe, a material comprising mud and straw that is very typical of old buildings in the Chilean countryside. Both the vines and the wine cellar have existed for many generations.

The winery now forms part of González Byass, a Spanish company founded in 1835, which is dedicated to the world of wine. This renowned company has always inspired conscious care of our natural surroundings.
This concern has been passed from one generation to the next and is the result of its philosophy known as 5+5: “5 generations taking care of the planet so that the following 5 can continue this mission.”

Today it spearheads major projects in the foremost wine regions of Spain, Mexico and Chile. It is world-renowned for producing the famous sherry Tío Pepe.



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